2015 Visit

2015 Visit

We had the joy of visiting the Orphanage for a second time in 2015, read about our trip here.

We had the joy of visiting the Orphanage for a second time in 2015. This time we took some clothes for every child, including Isaac our young man who is now at university in Nairobi. We would like to thank all those people who gave us clothes to take including those from Tockwith Messy Church and Youth Club.

We also took a Christmas card for each child which had been written by Youth Club members which included a balloon (which they love) and a small bag of sweets. These were handed out on Christmas day.

We hit a record this time in terms of weight of baggage, this trip we weighed in at 110kg split between 7 suitcases. This beats the previous record of 93kg. It is fair to say travelling out was interesting to say the least. Our return journey was much simpler and we came back with only minimal weight.

PrintIt was a joy again to be greeted by all the children singing a welcoming song as we pulled through the gates. All the children know us well and we were welcomed with huge smiles and a good few hugs.

We made sure we had plenty of time to play with the balls, which always go down well, and this time we took a “parachute” the same as we use in our own church. Huge fun was had.

We also met the second batch of chickens on this visit and, since our return, have heard that the first few eggs have arrived. This is timely as the first batch of chickens had nearly all stopped laying and well its fair to say we had chicken stew for each meal during our stay.

PrintAll children are doing well and, through the Bungoma Calling charity, are all attending school. They value their schooling highly as they know it leads to a good job potential. When we bought some school books during our stay and presented them to the children they just disappeared into corners reading and assessing what was in each one. These books were bought with generous donations/fundraising done at our church. We were also able to re-stock the orphanage supplies for flip flops following a fundraiser event at the office where Neil Stobert works – so thank you.

During our stay we purchased a new towel for each of them for Christmas. This is to replace the ones bought for Christmas 2014. I wonder how many of our children would be so excited to receive a towel for their Christmas present.

PrintWe can learn much from these wonderful children. They have an amazing work ethic, up at 6am each morning tidying their bedrooms, sweeping up the floor which usually has an amount of sandy soil on it. All children, except the youngest, do their own washing and we spotted numerous clothes on the washing lines which we had previously taken. Older children help with food preparation too.

Finally, we were delighted to be asked to do Sunday School again at the St Dorcas church. Just under 120 children turned up, probably a number due to the fact they know we give them juice and biscuits afterwards! We told the story of Noah’s Ark and they were each given an animal face mask to colour.

PrintWe also took a plain white t-shirt out just for Orphanage children so they could decorate them as indeed we had done at Youth Club a few weeks ago.

Angela Jenkins & Karen Stobert

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