Egg Laying Chickens

Egg Laying Chickens

The egg laying chickens at the orphanage provide a great source of protein for the children and the spare eggs are sold locally.

Picture1Chickens were purchased at the end of 2014 to enable the children to have eggs to include some protein into their diet.

Around 140 chickens were initially purchased and they produce over 100 eggs each day. Some are eaten at the orphanage and the remaining supplies are sold locally by one of the older children to support the running costs.

Due to the conditions in Kenya, the chickens do not produce eggs for as long as they would in the UK. Following the vet’s advice, non-laying birds are eaten. As the amount of eggs has been gradually reducing, we have taken advice and put up another chicken shed to house further 150 birds. The new chicks need around 5-6 months to start laying, the second shed provides a home for them whilst they mature.

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