John’s Story – Making a Difference

John’s Story – Making a Difference

John came to the orphanage aged three years, malnourished and in general poor health. Now aged seven, he’s a happy boy and top of his class at school!

John’s story encompasses all the reasoning behind why we feel should support the orphanage. We know we cannot change the  world, yet by making positive changes we can improve lives.

The first time Angela saw John in May 2013, he was living with his elderly grandmother, not far from the new orphanage. He was malnourished, his clothes were too small and there were no have shoes on his feet.

john2The reason John was in the care of his elderly grandmother is unknown, however it was clear that she was struggling to care and provide for a little boy.

Angela advised John’s grandmother that the orphanage would be happy to take John and provide him with a good start in life. She regularly visits the orphanage.

John moved into the orphanage and is truly thriving! Now aged 7 years, he is a very happy boy and seems to appear on all the photos taken, he always has a huge smile on his face and is top of his class at the local primary school too!



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