School Holiday Time – November 2019

School Holiday Time – November 2019

We had a great visit to the Orphanage again in November.

We had a great visit to the Orphanage again in November. Having recently completed the set up a new charity specifically for the Orphanage all four trustees visited to catch up with the children and staff during their school holiday time. The four trustees are Karen Stobert, Angela Jenkins, Revd Roy Shaw and Paul Grewer.

The school year in Kenya starts in January so the children were enjoying a holiday before returning to start a new school year. Recent changes by the Kenyan government mean we now have more children in the middle school (Kenya calls this Primary) so we now have 14 children in this school, leaving just 5 children in the St Dorcas School for young children. We also have other changes with our older children too. Only one child, Yvonne, is moving up to secondary school education this time, but we have 3 children who have now completed their secondary school education, Caleb, Monica and Lucy. We are awaiting their final examination results. We intend to seek sponsorship for these children to try and get them a place at a nearby college. In Kenya school years are based upon ability and not age as children have sometimes missed out on their education. Indeed, we have one child who is 14 who has just come through the school for young children as she had received no education prior to coming into the orphanage.

As there were four of us visiting on this trip it meant we could take a lot more things out; we had 9 x 23kg suitcases full of clothes/school uniform/toys and play equipment, as well hardware materials (following a visit to Wilko) to support some of the maintenance needed to look after the buildings and grounds. Climate change is causing a number of issues in Kenya too. On this trip we had rain (including a couple of tropical storms) every day during the visit. When we were there in November 2018 we had no rain at all. Given they rely on growing maize and beans, which are the core diet for our children and staff, as you can imagine weather issues have significantly affected the yield of our crops. It has therefore been necessary to buy both during the course of the year. Our staff are hoping that the second planting produces a better yield; we will know during early 2020.

Whilst we had to dodge the rain showers, of course we still found plenty of time to do games and crafts. Here are some pictures.


In front of the Orphanage building
Karen with children after decorating caps
Some children playing snakes and ladders

As usual we organised a Messy Church in the local St Dorcas Church. We had 110 children attending and they all followed us back to the Orphanage for juice and biscuits which are very much viewed as a treat.

We did the story of the First Christmas which was read by Karen and translated into Swahili by one of the usual Sunday School teachers. For the craft we took some “wisemen” crowns to colour and then we all wore these as we marched back to the Orphanage. It was such fun.

Karen & Angela in church
Everyone in church wearing their crowns
Back at the Orphanage for juice & biscuits

Karen/Angela/Revd Roy/Paul


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