St Dorcas Orphanage- Update April 2018

St Dorcas Orphanage- Update April 2018

Another great rewarding trip again to our friends at the St Dorcas Orphanage.

Another great rewarding trip again to our friends at the St Dorcas Orphanage.  This time there were 4 of us:

Karen Stobert
Angela Jenkins
Revd Roy Shaw
Revd Trevor Lewis

We were therefore able to take further school uniforms out following a number of donations – so thank you.

At this visit all the children and young people were there as it was the Easter break.  This included Isaac from university and Faith from business college.  In this regard we had lots of time with the children to engage and arrange fun sessions.   These included the usual sport ones, football, running races, short tennis, but also for the first time we had a water bomb session as well as usual craft ones making bead necklaces and bracelets.   Marston Moor Youth Club had made Easter cards personalised for every child which contained sweets and a balloon.

We also ran our usual Messy Church for over a hundred children at St Dorcas church and then handed out juice, biscuits and a balloon to everyone. The theme this time was Noah’s Ark so we made up and coloured animal masks which was quite a sight walking back to the orphanage for our refreshments.  This time we used our Open the Book bible not only at Messy Church on Sunday but also each evening we were there.   The children and young people loved it and we did a mini drama with the story each time.

This year end will see big changes for two of our young people, Isaac, who concludes his university course in Nairobi and Faith, who concludes her business studies course in Bungoma.  They are currently receiving mentoring with regards to obtaining work.

The climate continues to prove challenging as earlier in the year it was necessary to send funding for water tractors again, and then followed substantial thunderous rainfall which caused part of the dormitory and corridor roof to crash in.    Fast emergency repairs have been necessary before the rains came again.   We have also had to supply funds for spraying our crops, notably maize and beans, as the “army worm” has been present again.

Overall our children are healthy, well fed and cared for by our very dedicated staff.

We are very grateful for all the financial support we get to support these wonderful children.

We are planning a further visit later in the year and will post another update.

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