St. Dorcas Orphanage – Update November 2017

St. Dorcas Orphanage – Update November 2017

Updates on the recent visit to the Orphanage

(Hello in Swahili)

As always it was a joy to see the children. All the children were there, except Isaac (at University) and Faith (at College) as it is one of their school holiday periods.

There are currently 33 children at the orphanage. Importantly they are all well in terms of health and are eating well from the food provided. Their staple diet is maize and beans. 2017 has been a challenging year for them as there was a drought early in the year, followed by thunderstorms and substantial rainfall. So it changed from providing funds for water tractors to go to nearby rivers to having so much rain that two parts of the orphanage building roof came down. This is tropical storms at their worst. The result of this is that the maize and beans harvest has not been good and it has been necessary to purchase from a different part of Kenya to ensure the children have continuous food supplies.

From a clothing perspective things are ok. We take some clothes out each visit. As they currently had sufficient casual clothes we focussed this trip on school wear. The children were keen to try the school clothes on whilst we were there. See the pictures below. The secondary school children are issued with uniform directly for a fee. We are, therefore, focussing our current fundraising on the provision of school shoes and school books, and Tockwith School is assisting us with this as well as Tockwith Church.

Whilst visiting, as usual we undertook a Messy Church at the local St Dorcas Church. Around 120 children were present and we had great fun telling the story of The Lost Sheep from our Open the Book Bible for children. We made “sheep” from a sock so that children could relate to the story. All these children then came back to the orphanage grounds for juice and biscuits which, of course, is something they do not usually get. Here is a picture of us presenting an Open the Book bible to the two leaders.

Angela Hall and Karen Stobert

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