Summer holiday time at the Orphanage

Summer holiday time at the Orphanage

All the children were at the Orphanage during our recent visit enjoying their summer holiday from school.

All the children were at the Orphanage during our recent visit enjoying their summer holiday from school. That is all except Isaac, who completes his university course in Nairobi in December and Faith, who is undertaking a work trial at a hospital which will hopefully lead to a permanent job. We missed seeing our two young people but we wish them both well as it may be we will not see them for some time.   Isaac is hopefully starting work experience for 3 months from January in Nairobi following the completion of his course. We have provided funds for him to obtain rented accommodation and expenses during this period. Isaac will be “home” for Christmas but not Faith as her job is quite some distance away. We are so proud of their achievements.

All the other children were excited to see us again as we always take new toys and balls to play with. We have recently put up a volleyball net in the grounds and the children have asked for a volleyball for Christmas. We bought one during our visit and have left it for handing out on Christmas day. We also purchased new towels whilst visiting which we have also left for handing out to everyone at Christmas. In addition to the toys we also hand out sweet treats each day which, of course, the children do not usually have.   This time, one of the sweets had a built in whistle which they thought was great fun and the noise made quite an impact on what is a very quiet rural community.  Our usual evening sessions of games and stories are such fun. We played numerous games but particular favourites are: hokey cokey/musical statues/head, shoulders, knees and toes. and I am the music man. We also played musical chairs which got really competitive as the orphanage staff joined in too! All the children enjoyed the crafts we provided with the usual bead necklaces and bracelets, but also we decorated some small wooden crosses which were specially made for them.

As always we ran a Messy Church for over a hundred children. This time the story was Daniel in the Lions Den, which is one we have done at both Tockwith Church and also Tockwith School. We made “lions” from brown paper bags and the children coloured them in. After church the children all came back to the orphanage for juice and biscuits.

All our children are currently well, following an epidemic of chicken pox mid year. In addition they have all had an anti malaria injection. These incidents make you so much more aware of how lucky we are with our own NHS.

Thank you for all the financial support and gifts we have been given for this trip. We have taken socks/underwear/toothbrushes and balls donated by Tockwith School.  With the financial gifts we have purchased a large amount of school uniform and have given money for the purchase of school shoes and flip flops during our visit. The latter came from monies raised during the School Prayer Walk in the summer.

So on behalf of the children we say THANK YOU!!

Angela Jenkins

Karen Stobert

November 2018

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