Visit Postponed – Update June 2020

Visit Postponed – Update June 2020

Unfortunately we have been unable to visit so far this year due to the global pandemic.

Unfortunately we have been unable to visit so far this year due to the global pandemic. We were scheduled to travel in April and, indeed, have our suitcases already packed ready for when we are cleared to visit. In the meantime we are in daily touch with our project manager, Beatrice, receiving updates on how they are all doing. All the staff and children are on lockdown but are well and safe. We have had to deal with a number of challenges this year particularly relating to food supplies. Sadly our first planting early in the year completely failed due to a locust infestation. The infestation affected most of Kenya at some point and we are told that it was 25 miles across so when it reached an area there was complete devastation.  All our maize and beans, the two staple foods, were destroyed. We then undertook a second planting but sadly a significant tropical storm washed away our beans crop. We still have some of the maize crop and we are hopeful of getting a minimal yield when we harvest in September. The result of these issues is that both maize and beans are in short supply and hence the prices have more than doubled. With all the children at home we have understandably seen an increased demand for food which has put pressure on our costs.

Our latest information is that the schools will not re-open until September but we await further information. This situation also applies to Isaac who returned from Nairobi when lockdown was introduced. This is very sad for him as he was due to graduate from university in May and for now this is all on hold. Again we are awaiting further updates.

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