We Settle Into Our New Home – Update March 2021

We Settle Into Our New Home – Update March 2021

We now know we are unable to return to the old orphanage as it is structurally unsafe and would require a complete new build.

This is something funds will not permit and we are saddened by this. The police are still investigating the cause of the fire, but after so long we are not confident of discovering what actually happened.

The children and staff are settled in their new temporary home, and we have confirmed we are able to stay  until the end of the year. Beatrice continues to provide daily updates.            

There are separate dormitories for girls and boys and a kitchen. All the children have a bed, mattress, blanket and spare clothes.

Our last visit was November 2019 and the children have grown so much last year. The picture below, which was sent recently, shows Emanuel,  John and Maxwell, look at their lovely smiles.

The Schools reopened in January 2021.    Most of our children started a new school and because of the new location they all attend the same primary school. They have all settled in well and are to be admired for the way they have handled this devastating & unsettling change especially in these unprecedented Covid times.   Here are some of the children in their uniform.

We have 3 young people, Lucy, Monica and Caleb, who have finished school and are awaiting a college or vocational training course. Beatrice and the trustees are hoping courses will be available later this year and, in the meantime, these 3 young people continue to assist Juliette, help the younger children with school work and maintain the dormitories and grounds.

Coronavirus in Kenya is amazingly low, with ca 100,000 cases reported and less than 2,000 deaths.  Thankfully no one in the home has caught it and Mama Juliette continues to maintain strict cleaning and hygiene rules and ensuring face masks are worn when appropriate. 

Thank you for all your continued support and we will keep you informed of further progress. 

Please remember our children, young people & staff in your prayers and continue to visit our website for up to date news and information, and how you can donate through our JustGiving page.   The picture above shows the children/young people smartly dressed ready for church. 

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